If you have not coped too well with the extreme heat conditions we have experienced this summer- you may need to take a look at how effective your window furnishings are. When it comes to covering your windows there are many things to consider…

What is the aspect of your home? it can make a difference

If all our homes had a south aspect from every room or a wide verandah on every side, we would probably not feel the heat as much as others. But if your home has an east or west aspect you will get morning and afternoon sun in some part of your home and both can be equally as bad. If your home faces north, you will get sun all day if you don’t have protection.
Even if your home faces south, on a hot day the heat will permeate into your home.

Not only does the sun heat up our homes it also fades our floor coverings including your floorboards. So, we need to put a barrier between our windows and our living spaces.

So, let’s start with privacy … even if you are lucky enough not to have neighbours in sight you still need to protect your floors, stop the glare and the heat.

Sheer Curtains – Style & Privacy

The best solution for this is a sheer curtain… its transparent… allows the view to shine and offers privacy during the day if and when you need it.

If just so happens sheers are very on trend right now. You only need to pick up a interior magazine of check out Pinterest or Houzz to see the latest window furnishing styles, fabrics and colours.

Sheer curtains come a large range of colours starting with neutrals from warm and cools whites, ivory, light greys, through to dark greys and blacks.

The look is texture and more texture … there are polyester linen looks or 100% linens and lots in between… A sheer blowing in the wind is not only beautiful but adds a softness to your décor. But the sheer alone will not stop the heat… you will need a thermal blockout as well to block the heat and give you privacy at night… This is the critical factor that keeps your home COOLER.


Blockouts – Window Solutions for Extreme Heat Conditions

The blockout can be in the form of a roller blind or a curtain that sits behind the sheer.
A curtain lining is more effective as it sits above the window and stacks at the side of the window give your more coverage and protection.

Today’s linings are available in contemporary colours to compliment your sheers curtains, wall colours and the exterior of your home.
Thermal backed linings will also minimise noise in your home and will reduce any echoing that many open plans homes have today.
The big bonus is that they reduce your electricity bills!!
Curtains linings are one of the most energy efficient items you can put into your home.

Using a qualified colourist and decorator will pay dividends when you are ready to look at your options. They will help you co-ordinate the look to compliment your style and offer you all the options when it comes to window furnishings.

We hope that you have found our Window Solutions For Extreme Heat Conditions blog helpful. If you live in Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens or the Lake Macquarie region, feel free to get in touch for all your window covering needs.

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